about us

Educating the community!

At A 1 Financial Solutions, our sole purpose is to educate the communities abroad on financial literacy. Many financial experts have a passion for improving the lives of their clients and neighbors. But where should they start? Obtaining expertise in personal financial education and becoming an advocate for the financial literacy movement is an excellent method to gain recognition while bringing a much-needed service to the community.

We provide professional financial services catering to individuals, small and medium business corporations, investment property owners and new enterprises. We work very closely with our customers, providing them with the necessary financial services to survive in today's competitive market. Our experience and dedication make it possible for many businesses to grow and prosper. We help business owners do what they do best and so they can receive optimum results from their operations. Call for details.....

Our Refund Policy is very simple. You can cancel the services at anytime. You will be refunded for the last charge you incurred within the past 30 days. One can cancel at any time where they request a refund via email or telephone or by mailing a signed and dated letter requesting refund. We have now developed a new and improved easy three steps refund policy so that clients can be satisfied and to be able to make wise decisions.
The steps are as follows:
1. Contact us via preferred method of communication telling us your concerns and reason for requesting your refund.
2. Allow us five (5) – seven (7) business days to process refund.
3. Confirmation of the refund transaction sent to you confirming refund